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Why today is the best time to start your side business

If you are interested in starting a business but don't want to give up your current job, now might be a perfect time. Here’s why.
Why today is the best time to start your side business

If you're feeling like life is passing you by and that your dreams are never going to come true, I want to challenge you with a new perspective. For all the struggles we've faced in this crazy world, there's been an equal amount of success stories too! So many people have overcome insurmountable odds and achieved their wildest goals. It just takes a little bit of faith and a lot of hard work. Let me tell you why we never had it so good to do whatever you want. For some reason, we humans are really bad at appreciating how well off we are and this post will tell you why today is the best day to start.

Your life is easy and if you are reading this post, I would even argue that it's pretty good. Dont believe me?

Ok, let me explain. if you take a step back and review your life. ok, and another, and another.... and one more. that's about right.

We are fortunate to live in a world that is relatively stable today.

"Covid 19!!!" I hear you exclaim under your breath! Yes, it has been a wild ride for most of us.


Most folks in first-world countries are still reasonably safe. Yes, poorer countries suffer from medical care that is ill-equipped and underfunded. Let me put it to you this way: you are most certainly reading this from a pretty prosperous country.

Right now is the best time to start living your dreams. here are the reasons why:

Safest Time To Be Alive

Consider the following scenarios:

  • You don't have to worry about your livestock being eaten by a pack of wolves while starving to death, or worse, a bear attacking you in the middle of the night because you look like a tasty meal.
  • You don't have to fight your neighbouring village because they fancy being the leader of your village.
  • You also do not have to protect your property from robbers who have decided to rade it and perhaps kill you. In fact, the majority of data indicate that burglary rates have decreased dramatically over the last 20/30 years. In the United States, violent crime has nearly halved. (this is a reported crime of course, but still)
Source: Here 

As you can see, we're relatively safe from that standpoint. Unless your pastime is waking up bears from their hibernation and you only carry a pocket knife, I'd say your chances of being safe are limited.

Medicine Has Never Been Better

The majority of us are unconcerned with infections since they can be treated with antibiotics. In the past, people died as a result of a dental infection, which was one of the major causes of death.

Cause of death: Teeth.

Just imagine. What a way to go.

Dental abscesses are so rare nowadays that it's difficult to realise they were formerly a primary cause of mortality. When the London Bills of Mortality began detailing causes in the early 1600s, "tooth" was frequently reported as the fifth or sixth cause of death.

All of us have to say thank you to Alexander Flemming for inventing penicillin (the antibiotics).

But largely speaking we are all living in comfort and stability.  We don't have to worry about too many environmental factors that can take you out of your bubble. If things dont go to plan, modern healthcare and laws have you largely covered.

Yes, Covid 19 is here to stay, but folks will learn to adapt to it and overcome the challenges it presents.

Consumer protection is at the highest level ever

The study from Which? shows that shoppers have more protection than ever before against faulty products, unfair terms in contracts and poor customer service.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said:

"We've never had it so good when shopping. For too long consumers have been ripped off or left out of pocket when things go wrong. But this consumer protection is at the highest it has even been in the UK, according to new research."

Which? looked at 70 pieces of legislation that directly or indirectly affect consumers and found that many have changed significantly in the last 15 years.

According to the Consumer Group, despite increasingly sophisticated scams such as 'phishing' frauds aimed at senior citizens, consumer victims of all types of scams have fallen sharply since 2001.

Perks Of Modern Lifestyle

The modern lifestyle allowed us to do anything we want. You are likely to have a smartphone and have a place to sleep and you are likely to have a job that allows you to have spare time to focus on whatever you want. You might choose to spend it watching Netflix or playing your favourite computer game. We now have more free time than any of our grandparents, and with the average age climbing, this tendency will only increase.

We have outsourced some of the boring tasks to the robots around our house: dishwashers, washing machines, robot vacuum cleaners etc.

This allows us to choose how we spend our time, and you might choose to spend it on learning more about the basics of computer programming or taking a class on whatever floats your boat.

Our grandparents would have loved this opportunity.

What's The Point?

So really there has been no better time than to do something that you always wanted. if you think that now is not the best time, I'd argue it is. Yes, I know there are covid restrictions at the moment but they are only there currently there will lift at some point are you still going to be talking about what you want to do?

Trust me, you will find another factor why you can't do it.

I did exactly the same until I zoomed out by about 4,458%, and it became clear that in the grand scheme of things, I live in luxury compared to my predecessors. Hell, even when compared to my grandparents. When she was a little girl, my mum tells me they did not have a TV or even the electricity to run the TV and they were living hand to mouth. Compare that with what my daughter has it's almost unbelievable.

So really, we have never had it so good.

So start that side project, adjust your schedule to spend more time with your family, spend time working on your health, whatever it is you want to accomplish. Apart from yourself, there is nothing that is stopping you.