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Mindset Perspectives That Will Boost Your Success

Forget the myths from snake oil salesmen, there are no shortcuts to success. Here are my thoughts on success mindset principles that everyone should consider adopting if they want to be on the right path.
Mindset Perspectives That Will Boost Your Success

Success Is A Long-Term Commitment That Needs Patience And Discipline With Correct Goals.

How do we measure success? well, my definition of success is:

It’s the point where you said you would be vs where you are.

So, if five years ago you said you would achieve X, well have you? Or have you kinda remained in the same “comfortable” place?

For me, it was horrible to realise that I was still stuck in the same place I was five years ago. It struck a nerve and inspired me to strive for long-term success since the short term is just that: SHORT.

If you look at success as a moment in time that an individual reaches, it may have taken them years or decades to get there. All we see is a fraction of the effort they put in. We did not go through the grind and failures; all we see is the final product of hard work and dedication to a specific "goal" in their lives.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in life, sure there are lucky breaks, and they happen to all of us at some point in our lives. We must grab them when they present themselves, but for the remainder of the time/journey, we must work hard to attain what we want in life by defining our goals with a long-term vision.

Because a short-term goal metric does not provide you with the opportunity for growth once you have reached it.

My example:

Saying I want to lose 10kg/22 Pounds to look good. Is a reasonably short term goal but it does not give me the metric to continue my journey once it is achieved. What happens after I get to desired weight? We have all been there, and we know exactly what happens…

On the other hand.

Saying that, I want to have a healthy physique for the next 40 years so that I may play with my children and even my grandchildren. At the same time, I am an excellent role model for living a healthy lifestyle.

This is a much broader goal and allows me to focus on things that actually matter to me.

My family, my health and fitness rather than looks alone.

You see, there is a massive difference in perspectives, one just says I just want to lose weight and look good in the short term. Take it from me, I tried it, I got in shape, and it felt wonderful, but I lost sight of why I was doing it, I eventually found myself back where I started.

While the second long term goal talks about the bigger picture aims and provides longer-term metrics of activities for me to do in order to achieve that goal. This example also gives me the direction to steer my action in order to achieve results.

Setting a longer-term objective for myself helps me to evaluate progress through a different lens that was not always obvious to me. Because true success isn't a passing fad. It is the product of years of hard effort and turning up to accomplish what is required. That is how it must be regarded. Yes, there is always an exception to the rule. But don't count on being the exception and earn what you want every time.

Failure Is Just Temporary, But GLORY Lasts Forever.

Failure is an unavoidable part of life, but as you have heard a million times, what you do with that failure defines your success. Choosing to keep going when things don't go your way is precisely what it is. YOUR Choice.

Lesson from my toddler, when we look at babies, we see them trying to walk, and they fall over but continue to try until they can make a few steps together and so on. Soon after that, they are running around and you wonder why you encouraged them in the first place because now you have to run with them!

They did not give up after the 13th attempt and declared that walking is not for them. They look at grownups and realise that they can walk on two feet; why can't they? And they continue to struggle and improve.

It is exactly the same on other areas of our lives,  I know I am oversimplifying it a bit. But the essence of it is that you can only become great if you choose to continue the struggle. If it were easy, then everyone would do it. We tend to give up too quickly as we hit our first obstacles and don’t react quickly enough before the eventual failure. I am guilty of that myself, and I have had times where I saw the trend and did not seize the moment to strike and get gold. Instead, I worried about it and delayed until I was too late to the party as the game has changed. But it is essential to recognise those failures and learn from them as I am not planning to be in the same position again.

Start Small And Build Up To Being The BEAST Of Your Choice.

Starting small is such underrated advice that I wish I learned earlier in my life. Back then, I operated under the moto “Go big or go home” and that usually meant that I run out of steam as I was only just starting to turn the wheel of success. I plunged into the deep end, and sure, I accomplished what I needed to do, but now I wish I had spent more time starting small since the results would have taken longer to obtain but would have been better because the foundation for further success had been established.

Its like anything in life, if I told you I am going to workout every day for 4 hours… your response would be: “good luck wit that!” And at that rate, I would need it.

Or If I declared that I would read 100 books in 120 days… or something stupid like that… and you would wish me luck again.

However, there is a second issue with a book reading scenario. How much knowledge would I be able to keep in my brain after reading that much material in a row? It is probable that I will not recall the books I have read, let alone apply the concepts contained inside them.

So its much better to read a book and mull over the finer details and write out my thoughts on it and counter-arguments to make sure I really understand the concept and can argue for and against it.

So once I have built up a knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, it will much better help me in the long run.

What Are You Willing To Sacrifice For Your Success?

What a lot of people forget is that success comes at the price of something else. It could be your family time, or it could be your downtime. You have to realise that if you are spending time watching TV for over 10 hours a week. Over the month that’s over the year, that’s 520 hours.

That equals to almost 70 working days over a year.

So, you are trading your time for this.

We don’t get that time back folks.   We have to realise that we should make a conscious choice about what we do every moment. Rather than just plonking on the sofa and binge-watching the latest offering from Netflix.

For me, I have cut down what I watch on TV dramatically to dedicate time to write these blogs and spend time educating myself to have a better life. I was willing to sacrifice my TV time to spend that time to improve my mindset and hopefully yours.

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Deciding on how much you want to make (financially) and how much free time you have to dedicate to other areas of your life. This 2x2 table illustrates it perfectly. The more money you want, the less time you will have. But you have to make that commitment to sacrifice your time to get there.

It's not good wanting to have lots of free time while complaining that there is not enough money in the bank.

Equally, you could be working your ass off and having all the toys but no free time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

You are in control of your life and if you don’t make the decision, that decision will be made for you. Where you like it or not. Just make sure you don’t wake up one day and wonder where did the time go and why did not follow your dreams. As I have previously posted, we live in the best time to start a business or follow your passion. All it takes is effort, without putting it on Facebook.